Please provide AFMC, Inc. with the following information to expedite our ability to provide you with expert service:
  • Your specific requirements
  • An already identified a solicitation/procurement, or functional areas, in which your company is interested
  • Your intentions on pursuing this procurement
  • Description of your company's niche business
  • Current or past DoD involvement.

AFMC® will:
  • Review your information
  • Contact you for details
  • Formulate a preliminary strategy to help you meet your requirements
  • Provide a Best Preliminary Estimate (BPE) of the costs required to "open the doors to the DoD and DoD contractors" and to help you develop a winning strategy

If your company is not yet registered with the Central Contractor Registration, (CCR) AFMC® recommends you do this prior to becoming involved with the DoD acquisition process. CCR is the single point entry for companies that want to do business with the DoD. You can register at:

Thank you for your interest in Armed Forces Marketing Consultants,® Inc.

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